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The Dance Lift


A project on the body’s capacity and gender.

Eight students from the aesthetic program at Cathedral School in Skara lift each other and themselves up in a project on the body’s capacity and gender. The choreographers Matilda Lidberg and Paula de Hollanda got tired of watching traditional gender roles being reproduced on stage over and over again, and therefore initiated the project The Dance Lift. The project aims to get young dancers through practical work in the dance studio to question traditional gender roles on the stage and give them more choice in their own creative processes.

The project is initiated and run by Paula de Hollanda and Matilda Lidberg with the support of Region Västra Götaland, Leader Västra Skaraborg, Kultur i Väst, KulturUngdom, Medborgarskolan and Dansbyrån.

Public performances: Friday, July 13, 2012 at 18:00 at the Library in Skara and Saturday, July 14 at 13:00 at Skövde Kulturhus. Free admission to both performances.

Dancer and co-creators: Anna Jansson, Bella Sjökvist, Cornelis Sillanpää, Daniella Nygren, Emelie Larsson, Emma Sternhag, Julia Häll and Mollie Nylund.

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