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Samba workshop


Saturday and Sunday November 5 and 6. You are welcome to participate in one, two or three sessions a day.

Session 1 – at 11 am-12:30 pm Samba for inexperienced
For those of you who can’t dance samba but always wanted to try. The focus is on the core of the samba; groove and expression. We work with the basic step and make a small sequence.

Session 2 – 1-2:30 pm Samba for experienced
For you who already know how to dance samba. We will work on finding the way into the body and develop our technique in order to maximize the expression and minimize the use of energy.

Session 3 – 3-5 pm Improvisation for group and solo
Samba dance is often improvised in groups or solo. We work with improvisation in groups and the relationship of the individual dancer and the group. We will work on learning how to read one another and the room to create a dynamic and spectacular group improvisation in the moment on stage. We will also work with how you as a solo dancer can fill the whole scene and create an interesting solo.

Venue: Dansbyrån Studio, Oskarsgatan 6, Göteborg
Cost: One pass per day both days 250 SEK, two or three sessions per day both days 400 SEK. Only cash in the door
Not required, but please send us an email if you think you are coming and on what session
Workshop leader: Paula de Hollanda and Matilda Lidberg

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