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Dance and Drums

Dance and Drums – A noisy herd of dancing and drums moving through the landscape.

An outdoor performance with Afro-Brazilian rhythms and contemporary dance that rolls around in the landscape, putting sound to it and takes the audience on a rocking excursion into the wild. The Dance and Drums ensemble is composed by Paula de Hollanda with dancers Matilda Lidberg, Johanna Ehn and Robby Rocha and the percussion group Kiriaka.

KIRIAKA was started in 2001 in the small village Kampetorp in northern Bohuslän. Over time, KIRIAKA became an established percussion orchestra in Gothenburg. Kiriaka have on their tours played with Gnawa Moroccans, Balkan brass Gipsies, Bahia timbaleiros, samba rock Frenchmen, all street musicians they found and all others. KIRIAKA plays always and everywhere.

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