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Silvestre technique

Silvestre Technique is a modern dance technique. The foundations of the Silvestre Technique are found in the gestures and mythology of the dances of the Orixa. These are connected with the four elements of nature; the chakras; and the three triangles of the body (red is the roots, purple is visualization, and yellow is projection). Together (dances of the Orixa, four elements of Nature, Chakras and the Three Triangles), they provide the expression and interpretation of the exercises.

In a number of fundamental exercises the dancer works with body structure (skeleton, muscles and sinews) to develop his or her proficiencies and repertoire of movement in a way that also triggers interpretation and expression in order to create meaning in the movements. The idea is to use the body as a well-trained instrument in the expression of the dance. For further information about the Silvestre technique, please visit Silvestrelink.

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