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Ogum & Co in town

Ogum, Oxum, Oxóssi and Iansã – inspired by four gods from Afro-Brazilian mythology. All of them strong characters with complicated relationships. In this performance we get to meet them in a remix version. The performance premiered in 2007 and was re-worked in 2009. It is around 40 minutes long and in two versions; one with live music and the other with recorded music. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

Performance information:
Concept and choreography:
Paula de Hollanda
Dance: Matilda Lidberg, Meire Oliveira, & Paula de Hollanda
Music: Yohanna Eek, Carl af Ekenstam, Christian Velasquez, & Nils Dahl
Scenography: Johan Engström and Carolina Falkholt
Lighting design: Anna Lindkvist
Costumes: Karin Lidberg and Hege Hådell
Photo: Per Hanstorp and Emelie Lager

Performance produced with support from: The Swedish Arts Council, The Gothenburg Culture Committee, West Sweden Dance Centre, The Längmanska Culture Foundation, Dansbyrån, Sensus.

Ogum & Co i stan from Paula de Hollanda on Vimeo.

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