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Afro Brazilian dance

Afro-Brazilian dance is a collective term for all the dances that have appeared in Brazil under the influence of African culture. They include not only Dança dos Orixás, but also Brazilian street and carnival dances such as samba-reggae, axé, maracatu from Pernambuco and present-day Afro-Brazilian dances. All of these dance forms share a strong relationship between dance and music; the dances are often accompanied by drums and percussion instruments.

Polyrhythms are characteristic for Afro-Brazilian music, and the dances are polycentric in the same way – head, hips and feet may move to different musical rhythms and tempos in the same dance. The body strives both downwards from the hips, deeply “rooted” with a strong base, and outwards/upwards from the hips to the head. This makes Afro-Brazilian dance powerful and joyfull, explosive yet also graceful.

Ta Foda from Paula de Hollanda on Vimeo.

Paula’s intermediate students in Afro Brazilian dance at Dansforum are performing in the video.

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