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Paula de Hollanda

Paula de Hollanda is active as a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. As a contemporary choreographer she constantly seeks to expand her movement vocabulary in order to express herself on the stage without being limited by genres or styles. To the trained eye the Brazilian influences are obvious and characters from Afro-Brazilian mythology are often the inspiration for Paula’s works.

Paula was educated at Escola de Dança da Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia (FUNCEB), in Brazil. In parallel with her studies in choreography and dance Paula delved into traditional and contemporary Brazilian dances. Paula has been performing and teaching samba and other Brazilian dance styles in Sweden and around the world since the beginning of the 90s. Paula goes back to Brazil at least once a year to be inspired and renew her techniques.

Together with two colleagues Paula de Hollanda runs Dansbyrån Studio, a center for contemporary dance in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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